Stem Cells Therapy

How can we get the stem cells therapy?

As per the current ICMR/DBT guidelines, stem cell therapy can only be given in the form of clinical trials duly approved by the institutional and hospital ethics committee and registered in ICMR.

RegennMed has a competent team of expert scientists and clinicians who are capable of designing and conducting clinical trials in India. We have developed our in house clinical protocols for various diseases and disorders after extensive research using approved methods/technologies. Our protocols minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of regenerative medicine in relevant conditions.

RegennMed is fortunate to have scientists and clinicians of national and international repute in its Research Advisory Board to guide its fundamental/translational/clinical research programmes.

If you are a clinician and wish to do clinical trial in regenerative medicine for any relevant disease or condition, our expertise can help you and you can contact us here.

If you are a patient or caregiver and wish to get enrolled in a current or upcoming clinical trial in regenerative medicine for your disease or condition, you can contact us here.