Stem Cells Therapy

What is the procedure of Stem Cells Therapy?

The patient is enrolled in suitable clinical trial after explaining him and his caregivers about the pros and cons of the treatment, its investigational nature and the objectives of the research. Consent is obtained in writing before the procedure.

His body is conditioned with Neutraceuticals for 2-3 times within a week. On the suitable day, he is admitted into a hospital. He undergoes a number of blood tests to ensure preoperative fitness and screening of any abnormal parameters/diseases. On next day i.e. second day, the bone marrow and / or fat are aspirated from his body.

The stem cells are isolated from them separately and characterized for their purity, number and sterility in a GMP Cell laboratory. Within a couple of hours, the cells are injected back into the patient’s body. The route of injection varies from disease to disease. In neurological condition, intrathecal injection is given. In diabetes, the cells are injected into pancreas, in arthritis; injection is given in the joints etc.

The most important questions which come in mind are about the safety and quality of the prepared cells. Since these cells are harvested from patient’s own body, they carry zero rejection risk therefore are considered best in terms of outcome and safety. The quality depends on a number of factors; quality of the reagents, scientific protocols/technology, scientific experience and acumen of the researcher etc.

After the procedure, the patient undergoes rehabilitation program as per the advice of the qualified physiotherapist and is also trained on relevant exercises. The condition is evaluated by the doctor and if found fit, is discharged from the hospital with a schedule of follow up visits.