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Research and Therapeutics

RegennMed Research and Therapeutics is a biotechnology organization based out at New Delhi, India, which is committed to develop successful and effective cell based therapies to treat a variety of diseases and injuries including current "No Hope" diseases.


By harnessing the power of cells, we intend to develop cutting edge technologies which would be able to reverse the damage caused by any condition or injury to any tissues/organs by means of regenerative medicine approaches.


We have successfully developed cell technologies in various diseases to improve patients' life significantly. Our technologies have helped numerous patients to live a happy and healthy life.


What we do?

As a premier regenerative medicine organization of India we are focused on:

a) Stem cells b) Tissue Engineering

We carry out the following activities in both the areas:

i) Translational research

ii) Development/optimization of clinical protocols

iii) Designing and execution of clinical trials

iv) Training programmes

v) Contract Research Services

vi) Consultancy

What facilities do we have?

RegennMed has the following regulatory compliant, well equipped laboratories:

Two Cell Culture Laboratories

One Molecular Biology Laboratory

Well stocked Library

Access to all important and relevant journals

Tie up with different hospitals for clinical trials/research.

50 Seats Conference room

Video conferencing facility for international online meetings

We have a multidisciplinary research team of qualified scientists and clinicians who are experts in wet labs, clinical trials and data analysis. All our research/clinical projects follow the highest standards of ethics and scientific values. Our clinical and research protocols are meticulously planned and executed with high degree of quality checks at various stage gates. We have one of the best highly experienced data interpretation team. Each scientific/clinical project is supervised by a study director. Apart from in house facilities, we have national and international collaborations.