Infertility treatment by Stem Cell Therapy


Infertility is a disease that affects more than 7 million women of reproductive age and their partners in the United States. Central to reproductive health and fertility is the normal development and maturation of specialized germ line cell types known as oocytes in women, and spermatozoa (sperm) in men. Although many cases of infertility are categorized as unexplained, there are diseases that have been shown to cause loss of these critical germ line cells including women with premature ovarian failure, and men with deletions in critical genes on the Y chromosome. Additionally, exposure to radiation or chemotherapy, among other toxins, can also lead to infertility.
Stem Cell Therapy is utilized especially in addressing some complicated fertility cases. The treatment itinerary is as follows:

Stem Cell Treatment Procedure:
·       Stem cells from patient’s own tissue via bone marrow are collected and purified.

·       Then, the marrow-derived stem cells with HGF are modified.

·       The modified marrow-derived stem cells are injected into the peripheral blood- 4 Intravenous (IV) injections in total.

·       Then, it is combined with TCM specifically acupuncture, massage, moxibustionand Chinese herbal formula to enhance autologous stem cell therapy’s effectiveness.

·       The first session aims to improve patient’s general condition and reproductive system condition.