Stem Cell Therapy - An Aid For Neurological Patient


Stem Cell Therapy - An Aid For Neurological Patient
Contrary to what some might think, Neurological Stem Cell Therapy isn’t a single treatment for a single type of disease. Nor are neurological diseases restricted only to the brain. A neurological disease is a disorder or illness that affects any part of the body’s nervous system. These can include the basic physical structure, biochemistry, or electrical functioning of the brain, the spinal cord, or any nerves related to them. 

The symptoms can run the gamut including paralysis, muscular problems, difficulty with coordination, losing physical sensations, experiencing seizures, confusion, pain, or shifts in one’s sense of consciousness.

Every region of the brain and spinal cord has its own specialty cells. The neurological stem cell therapy treatments at Regennmed in India focuses on isolating and expanding the patient’s own adult Neural Stem Cells from each region that is to be involved in treatment. 

This is done by harvesting a sample of the patient’s own fatty tissue that is found just below the skin. With this advanced technique Regennmed can relieve the symptoms of a diverse variety of neurological diseases, such as Autism and Multiple Sclerosis.


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