OUR CEO - Dr. Poonam Verma


Dr.Poonam Verma

PhD Tissue Engineering IIT-D, Post Doc Stem cells AIIMS-N.Delhi.

CEO and chief scientific officer of RegennMed research and therapeutics.Former Head R&D Cryoviva Stem cell company. Presently Consultant scientist Stem cells, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine for various national and international companies and projects, have more than 17 years of research experience.

Published more than 25 papers in International Journals.Has expertise in processing and culture of highest quality and clinical grade stem cells from Adipose Tissue, Bone Marrow, Umbilical Cord and Dental Pulp.

Have developed many new therapy protocols with excellent results in Neurological disorders, orthopaedic disorders, Lifestyles diseases and Anti aging. Continuously working towards development of new technologies and protocols for cell therapies and research since last 17 years.