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Stem cells treatments are a type of intervention strategy that introduces new cells into damaged tissue in order to treat disease or injury. Many medical researchers believe that stem cells treatments have the potential to change the face of human disease and alleviate suffering.

The ability of stem cells to self-renew and give rise to subsequent generations with variable degrees of differentiation capacities, offers significant potential for generation of tissues that can potentially replace diseased and damaged areas in the body, with minimal risk of rejection and side effects. Stem cells are a special class of cells that the most remarkable biological characteristics are the ability of self-renewal and the potential of Multilineage differentiation.

India is a becoming the leader in providing medical care/treatment with world class facilities with very reasonable cost and "Regennmed" is getting popular as a leading brand for the overseas patients. India is a place to some of the best hospitals and specialty clinics in the world, offering world-class expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and the distinct warmth of Indian hospitality.

Get Best Stem Cells Treatment at Regennmed

  • International level facilities using the latest stem cell technologies for beauty, anti-aging and holistic wellbeing treatments

  • Highly qualified Physicians, Surgeons and hospital support staff for medical treatments

  • Significant cost savings (approx. 60-80%) compared to private healthcare in western countries

  • No Waiting lists

  • Extremely fluent English speaking staff

  • Medical visa Service

  • Stay arrangements for patient and attendants, airport transfers, clinic/hospital transfers and other tailor-made services

  • Can easily be clubbed with a holiday/business trip