Regennmed – Hair Regeneration

What Is Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment And How Is It Done?

Hair regrowth treatment works on stem cell therapy which involves replenishment of the lost stem cells. Our hair regrowth treatment like stem cell therapy is available at our hair treatments and skin clinics .

Nowadays advanced hair growth treatment is easily available. The latest one is based on stem cell therapy for hair regrowth and is considered as very effective and long lasting. Under stem cell therapy treatment the pores of the hair scalp are filled with stem cells and as a result new hair growth becomes possible.

Researchers have shown very satisfying results with the Stem Cell Therapy for loss of hair by replenishing the lost stem cells. All of us have stem cells in our follicle of hair, but when these follicles get matured or scratched, they can no longer jump-start the hair renewal process. This can be due to inherited factors, anxiety, or even distress to the hair follicle.



There are a variety of factors that are a part of how the hair growth process occurs, and the process is very complex. Factors that contribute to hair growth include:?

  • Genetics

  • Environmental issues

  • Hormonal influences

  • Proper nutrition

  • Health conditions

  • Autoimmune disorders (Infections, Iron deficiency, Metabolic issues)


Fat Stemcell Treatment for Hair Loss

Adipose stem cells can be obtained from the patient easily, abundantly and with minimal discomfort. The potential applications are virtually limitless. Clinical applications for patients can be performed in an office setting, safely, legally and ethically using autologous adipose-derived stem cells.